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Yvonne was the support we didn’t know we needed as it came down to our final months before our wedding! She came in and saved the day. Thanks to her we got all the final big and small details down. She was always attentive, supportive and went above and beyond!

Jessie & Michael

We hired Yvonne and her team to help coordinate our wedding day. As soon as the contract was signed, she began sending over material that would help keep us organized throughout our planning process. She never brought the stress to us and made sure we just enjoyed the day. 

Diana & Aaron

As both my wife and I are working full-time, we found her attention to detail and organizing skills were invaluable. She did a great job with helping us find vendors and keeping us on track during the planning timeline. Our friends and family were very impressed with the way things turned out!

Ivan & DK

 When things got difficult with our caterer she was able to step in and provide solutions and manage communications. What I appreciated most was her attention to detail (providing water and snacks before I asked for them) and her ability to be nimble when things go unplanned (decorate the cake with flowers when the florist did not, etc). 

Teresa & LJ

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